Archiclima planning

What is Archiclima PLANNING?

Archiclima PLANNING is a service aimed at drawing up a plan for the facility’s adaptation to climate change.
The plan is aimed at reducing the risk associated with progressive changes in the environment, increasing the resilience (resistance) of the facility and mitigating the negative impact of the facility on the natural environment. The effect of implementing the plan is increased security and attractiveness for users.

The adaptation plan includes:

  1. ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT including cost estimate of designed solutions.
  2. SUPPORT IN IMPROVING FACILITY MANAGEMENT, including the development of recommendations, indications and guidelines for the optimal conduct of selected adaptation measures in the applicable facility management standards. As part of the support, the document “GREEN MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES”, a green management guide dedicated to the facility, will be developed. ARCHICLIMA MANAGEMENT WORKSHOPS will be held, i.e. workshops for the facility manager’s staff on the use of a dedicated guide.
  3. ADAPTATION IMPLEMENTATION PLAN including the division of tasks into stages, a financial plan and an action plan after the participation in the LIFE project.
  4. MONITORING PLAN of factors important in the context of the facility’s adaptation to climate change

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In the adaptation plan, special importance is attached to nature-based solutions. The designed elements may include e.g. rain gardens, flower meadow, bioswales, pergola, wetland pond, green wall, permeable surface, green roof, vines, trees in the ground, lawns (ornamental, meadow, recreational, abandoned), permeable surfaces . Their selection is based on the results of Archiclima ASSESSMENT and arrangements with the facility manager.

What characterizes the project carried out as part of Archiclima PLANNING:

  • We use ecosystem services
  • We analyze the existing state on the basis of Archiclima Assessment
  • We balance technical solutions with those based on nature
  • In designing, we rely on cost estimates of selected solutions
  • For the calculations in the project, we use the proprietary climate analysis model (ACAM)
  • We select plant species in an advanced way, based on local communities
  • We focus on the local biodiversity of species, which minimizes operating costs and increases the chances of green survival.



Project of adaptation of the facility with technical documentation adapted to the applicable regulations and administrative procedures as well as guidelines for maintaining selected solutions.


Elaboration of a method for risk and vulnerability reduction of the facility to natural phenomena and reducing the costs of prevention and damage removal. Obtaining increased credibility on the financial market.


Archiclima project and its communication activities are an important competitive differentiator as well as an important part of the ESG strategy affecting financial and non-financial ratings.


The green infrastructure project is a way to improve the image of premises managed with care for the comfort and safety of people as well as care for the environment and climate.

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