Katowice International Airport Wojciech Korfanty

The project of implementing nature-based solutions (NBS) in the parking lot in front of passenger terminals includes the change of up to 2,260m2 of paved areas into rain gardens and flower meadows without reducing the number of parking spaces. As part of the investment, planned for 2023, green walls and pergolas over pedestrian crossings will also be built.

Factory Kraków
In progress

The shopping mall located in the north-west of Kraków is well-known to shopping enthusiasts. For Factory Kraków the area of analysis is nearly ten thousand square meters. Archiclima will allow to define fields of adaptation with the use of nature-based solutions.

Homepark Franowo Poznań
In progress

Soon, thanks to the decisions of the managers of the facility, the surroundings of Homepark Franowo will become greener. In the coming months LIFE Archiclima team will perform the assessment of the facility to develop design solutions in green infrastructure. Currently greenery here serve mainly decorative functions. We plan to turn it into tailored nature-based solution to increase the resilience.